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At emarsity, we adopt a quick and easy approach to learning digital marketing. For “learning quickly is central to lean thinking. It requires throwing out your master plan to increase your understanding of your customers and improve how you deliver value to them” – quickly. (

We’re a dedicated bunch of digital marketing practitioners and trainers who believe greatly in sharing. We know it’s a tough challenge out there. That’s why we’ve put our best practices in place to help bridge your digital skills gap quickly and be successful in your campaigns.


Digital Marketing Courses We Teach

Digital Advertising (Google, Facebook, Instagram) for Businesses


Serene Lam


3 days

Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Client side marketers

ECommerce Integrated Digital Marketing

Koh Yoet Siang


3 days

Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Home Business, Client side marketers, Keen to start Dropshipping business

Google Analytics For Business


Jayne Tew


2 days

Marketing professional, Business owner/Entrepreneur, Mid-career, Curious about how Google Analytics works

Practical Social Media Strategy

Chris Minjoot


2 days

Traditional marketers who want to gain skills in social media. Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to be hands-on in their social media accounts. Career switchers who want to upskill and stay relevant in this digital age.

Content Creation Strategy

Chris Minjoot


2 days

Content Creators, Social Media Managers, Bloggers, Vloggers, Copywriters, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and anyone who wants to be equipped with critical content planning, writing and visual production skills essential in today’s digital marketing space.

Data Visualization with Looker Studio course

Azhar Katib


2 days

Professionals, Business owner/Entrepreneur, Mid-career, Curious about how Google Data Studio works

Kelvin Koh

Principal Trainer

3 days

Real estate agents, Property developer

Python for Data Science

Siew Yee


3 days

Anyone keen to learn about Python programming, Data Science or Machine learning.

Business WeChat and Tiktok Training Singapore

Daniel Li


2 days

Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Marketers who wish to explore new platforms or enter Chinese market

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We Make Learning Quick & Easy

Step-by-Step Training

We believe the fastest way to learn is to simulate hands-on practical exercises with step-by-step guidelines, so you can easily understand and readily apply the steps for real business performance.

Small Class Size

We keep our class sizes really small (about 10-15 pax max), so our trainers can give ample focus on your digital marketing challenges and undivided attention to each individual in the class

Video Courses

We‟ve created video courses as an option so you can learn from where ever you are. We've also made sure the videos are in bite-sized chapters so they're easy to follow and seamless to refer and continue from where you last dropped off.

Bite-sized Fundamentals

Fundamentals are key and keeping it layman always helps. That’s why we make sure we build your foundation well by mincing digital marketing fundamentals into easy-to-digest bite-sized pieces, so it makes learning a lot simpler, easier and quicker.

Engage & Interact

We get you immersed in group work, some interactivity and quizzes, and even test your understanding and application in real business cases to quickly develop your digital skills and know-how.


Testimonials From Learners


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