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Be part of our learning ecosystem and stay abreast of emerging trends, tools and technologies to sustain your competitive edge. We promise a quick and easy learning approach through the content and programs we serve.

So get ready to future proof yourself with a wealth of digital marketing knowledge – grasp it, understand how it works and be fully in-the-know. Because its now time to look beyond today’s solutions and be ready for what lies ahead.

Who We Are

At emarsity, we adopt a quick and easy approach to learning digital marketing. For “learning quickly is central to lean thinking. It requires throwing out your master plan to increase your understanding of your customers and improve how you deliver value to them” – quickly. (

We have seen our clients struggle with digital marketing. That’s how we’ve come together to make learning digital marketing so easy, you’ll get it right away! Because our aim is to help you scale and speed up your digital marketing skills quickly. So you can readily apply what you’ve learned in the real business world with confidence and ease, and stay above competition.

We’ve also gone a step further to make learning that much easier for you – through having our courses SkillsFuture Credit Eligible and NTUC UTAP approved. This means our digital marketing courses truly cut the real deal, as it can be unbelievably affordable or even free when you sign up for a class with us!

Who Share What We Know

We’re a dedicated bunch of digital marketing practitioners and trainers who believe greatly in sharing. We know it’s a tough challenge out there. That’s why we’ve put our best practices in place to help bridge your digital skills gap quickly and be successful in your campaigns.

We also like to make it a point to always be there to offer our ongoing support and guidance, any time you need it. This is why we endeavour to impart our invaluable learning – from industry trends, through networking and a multitude of businesses we work on, to advance your lifelong learning with us.

8 Good Reasons To Choose Us

Enriching Content

We publish thought leadership, analytical views and business cases monthly through our newsletter and Facebook so you can stay engaged, current and relevant at all times – giving you the confidence to provide direction and leadership in today’s ever-changing technological world.

Digital Marketing Tools

There are many excellent tools out there. To avoid „tools overload‟, we recommend the relevant ones that are simple and easy to use, yet giving you all the knowledge you need to know to help you make smarter business assessments and decisions.

Community Sharing

Join our Facebook group and be part of a healthy supportive community. Participate in open discussions, get ideas and help, or share tips, advice and stories with like-minded individuals. Receive timely updates too on our regular posts and keep abreast of predictions and future trends.

Hot Topic & Trends

Learn about the newest trends and gain valuable insights for your business direction through how-to articles, tech guides, reviews, e-news, quick-bytes and videos etc.

Ongoing Consultation

If ever you’re stuck applying what you’ve learned or reached a point of uncertainty, rest assured we are just an email away. Feel free to drop us a line any time you need help. Our practitioners will be in touch to assist with your doubts and provide their best guidance.

Video Course Materials

For class participants, you will be entitled to free video materials of the respective course you have taken. The video is readily accessible online if you need to refresh what you’ve learned in class or even referencing it while at work.

Refresher Course

We like to ensure you have built your digital capability well when you have signed up for a course with us. Which is why our classroom course program includes a one-time offer of a free refresher course (for the same course completed). Any time you need it, simply book a date to confirm your slot.

Events and Workshops

Digital marketing events and workshops are great opportunities to network, interact and engage with fellow marketers and executives. Not only do you get to expand your digital learning beyond classroom and online, you may also get to solve your challenges with face-to-face learning from the network.


Our Instructors

Kelvin Koh

Principal Trainer

Kelvin is the principal of Emarsity, an academy which coaches Internet Marketing skills.

Eng Yeow

Principal Trainer

Eng Yeow is the principal trainer at emarsity, he possesses over 6 years of experience in the major online advertising platforms.

Samuel Ruey Ng


Samuel is the founder and director of a website development and marketing technology firm.

Daniel Li


Daniel has 10 years digital marketing experience. He began his career with Omnicom Media Group managing consumer data analysis for major brands.

Koh Yoet Siang


YS has more than a decade of marketing experience and has worked across 15 industry verticals, both at the client-side and agency-side.

Kaiqing Loh


Kaiqing has a passion for digital marketing and enjoys seeing the fruit of her efforts in driving and exceeding business objectives.



Bartley studied and has been working with online technologies since 2001. He built his foundation of search marketing knowledge while at Yahoo!


Become a Certified Digital Marketing Professional

Be part of our learning ecosystem and stay abreast of emerging trends, tools and technologies to sustain your competitive edge.