Action Emarsity

You may have seen your competitors blazing ahead in their businesses by using digital marketing, yet are hesitant in getting your website done, or doing SEO, or advertising on Google and Facebook to get more customers, etc.  It may be because digital marketing services can seem expensive.

Get your projects done at a more affordable price, so you can evaluate if digital marketing works for you.

Have your projects done by our past learners, from website design to online advertising.  You pay only $250 to the mentor#, for 2.5 hours of guidance to the learner on your project.  Mentors are professionals with at least 3 years of experience in the chosen project area, though not our employees.  Our learners get practical experience working on your project, and you get projects done at a more affordable price.  All parties benefit.

Action @ Emarsity, our community of past learners, mentors, and businesses coming together to get digital marketing projects done.

Benefits for Businesses
Try out digital marketing
Get projects done @ $250 per project#
Get new marketing personnel trained

Benefits for Mentors
Earn extra income by providing guidance
Gain experience in client and project management
Get certificates showing managerial experience

Benefits for Learners
Practice what you learn on real projects, at no charge
Be guided by mentors
Get certificates showing hands-on experience

To start practicing, mentoring, or getting your projects done, contact us using the form below:

# Based on 2.5 hours of consultation over zoom by the mentor, on one of the projects listed above