Are Your Google Ads Working?

In this video, we look at one of the most important thing you need to do for your account.

Lets think through this. Suppose you spent $1000 on Google ads. Then you saw it got your ads displayed 20,000 times. Great you think, but how does that help my business? Not quite sure.

Lets think through this.  Suppose you spent $1000 on Google ads.  Then you saw it got your ads displayed 20,000 times.  Great you think, but how does that help my business?  Not quite sure.


Now, it brought 1000 visitors to your website.  Mmm, sure but how does that contribute to the bottom line?  Not sure again.


Suppose now you know, it got you 20 enquiries?  Now we are talking real value.  Based on past performance, you know out of 20 enquiries you normally close 4 sales, each giving you profit of $500, giving you a total of $2000 profit after all costs.


With this insight, I am quite sure you will continue to spend on Google ads, wouldn’t you?


That’s why it is crucial for you to measure then know how many enquiries resulted from your advertising.  And thankfully, yes that can be done.


First you need to place some codes on your website in order to track when someone sends you an enquiry.  Click the spanner icon, under Measurement click Conversions to create a conversion.  Then you need to install the codes on your website.


Once that is done, you will then be able to view the number of enquiries received and its corresponding cost by customizing the columns and selecting conversions and cost / conv.


With that then you can compare various settings to see what works best for your business.  In this case, “Buying a house” ad group is working better and you should spend more on it.  Isn’t this wonderful?


I hope you see the importance of setting up conversion tracking on your website.  You can now continually improve the ROI of your ads.

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In this course, we will cover in more details:
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– set up your campaigns in the Google Ads interface
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Eng Yeow