Google Ads: Reaching out to Relevant audiences

In this video, we discuss about why you need to focus on finding the right people rather than more people when advertising on Google Search.

First of all, lets look at advertisements that can appear on Google when someone keys in “name card printing”.


Now if you own a name card printing business, wouldn’t you want your website to appear at this moment when someone is searching for your services?


No other channels come close as to the ability for you to control when your advertisements appear, in this case to people who are actually searching for your services.  On other channels like print, banner ads that appear on other websites, mailers etc, your audience are interrupted because they were initially doing other things.


With this, we can now look at the differences to traditional advertising.


In traditional advertising e.g. print, the idea is to hope to find customers in a large audience as seen here by showing advertisements to the entire audience.


With search advertising on Google though, you can now exactly specify you only want to reach people who are actively searching on Google for your products or services.


As you now only need to reach specific people, you can now spend more to reach specific people which then normally results in a lower cost per new customer.


Please remember this point as we go through this course, the aim is not to reach a huge audience but to find your desired audience.


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Eng Yeow