Lower Your Costs, Improve Quality Score

In this video, we look at the things you can do to pay less per click on Google Ads.

Google wants to provide good user experience, even for advertisements.

Google wants to provide good user experience, even for advertisements.

So we can reduce our costs by writing relevant ads and bringing visitors to a good landing page.

Every keyword we use will be given a Quality score, from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best score.

There are 3 ways to improve your keywords’ quality score

Expected click through rate indicates whether people like to click your ads.

In order to see how to write your ads to improve clicks, search with your keywords on Google. Then examine the paid and free listings to see what can be useful and how you can write to stand out.

Other notes is to write the keywords into various parts of your ads as seen here. Include promotions and events, like this. Also include unique selling points, e.g. 20 years experience in the business.

An ad can be superb, but if triggered by an irrelevant keyword it is less useful.

Hence your keywords should show ads that are relevant to it, as we see here compact camera keyword trigger an ad about compact cameras, while SLR camera keyword show a DSLR camera ad.

Improve your website by:

Having relevant, original useful content

Website should load fast and be mobile friendly.

The webpage should also provide useful product, company and contact info.

The most important components of the quality score are expected click through rate and landing page experience, so do concentrate your efforts on these 2 factors.

For a step by step course on Google Ads, visit here

In this course, we will cover in more details:
– settings most suitable for lead generation
– how to choose the right keywords
– how to structure account so it helps you see what works
– how to lower costs
– how to place ads on websites your customers like to visit

and Step by Step hands on practice on how to:
– set up your campaigns in the Google Ads interface
– track enquiries on your website so you know what works
– set up retargeting / remarketing
– see results that truly matter
– optimize to use the best settings unique to your business

and more… Learn more here.

Eng Yeow