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Brand Bidding on Competitors’ Brand Names, Pros and Cons

 In this video, we look at how you can attract potential customers who are searching for your competitors on Google to your website and how to protect your own brand if your competitors were to do the same.   For a step by step Google & Facebook ads course, visit here. Cheers, Eng Yeow [...]


Don’t advertise what you don’t sell – AdWords keywords match types

Now this post’s title is silly, of course you won’t advertise what you don’t sell?  Let’s consider this case. Suppose you sell tennis shoes and specify a keyword like tennis shoes.  However you don’t sell tennis high-tops or sandals. If you use tennis shoes as keywords, your ads might actually show when someone search for [...]


Why advertising on Google is effective

It is important, before spending thousands of dollars, to first understand why advertising on Google can be so beneficial for your business. Above is a screenshot of a result on Google when someone keys in “name card printing”. We see there are advertisements at the top of the page, and below them the websites that [...]


4 things to consider before starting your Facebook Ads

In order to succeed, it helps greatly to have a plan. Facebook advertising is no exception. Here are 4 things to think through before starting your Facebook ads. Target audience Facebook gives you the ability to choose who to show ads to based on what they have shown interest in, what Facebook pages they like, [...]


How to interpret in-built analytics tool of major social media

In a world full of hashtags, tweets, handles, posts, likes and shares, it’s vital to use social media correctly. Everyone is bombarded with tons of messages via social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube on a daily basis. So how can a business leverage these avenues to its advantage? You need to stand [...]


Discover how your customers find your competitors on Google (Part 1)

Do you know what phrases your customers are using to find you or your competitors’ website on Google? In this video,find out what words your customers might use when using Google to find your business or your competitors. Understand why it is important to do this so that your online marketing efforts gives good return [...]


Google’s mobile first index and SEO implications

Google’s mobile-first index announcement by Gary Illyes at Pubcon last year made it clear that they will change the way how sites are indexed and ranked in the search engines. What this essentially means is that Google will look at the mobile version of a site first, index and rank it accordingly. We have seen [...]

Top 10 video and photo editing tools you should be using

As a marketer, if you are not already creating video and visual content you are greatly missing out. According to Hubspot visual content is 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types.The way people consume messages is greatly changing- consumers like to be shown not told about what you have to [...]


SEO or Google adwords Pay Per Click for online marketing

You’ve probably seen the terms SEO and AdWords passed around especially in conjunction with each other. This may have left you thinking they are one in the same right? Well, the reality is they are very different components that make up Search Engine Marketing and can be used together or separately depending on your business [...]


Technical SEO analysis property developer website

If you are a property agent, you will probably know how ultra-competitive it is to promote any new condo projects online. Property industry is one that gives Google a hard time in the SERPs because of the intensive keyword competition followed by similar information across all the websites. So how does a property website reach [...]


How to use IFTTT to add accounts to your Twitter lists

Watch this video to see how to use IFTTT to automatically add accounts to your Twitter’s lists. To summarize: Specify the hashtags you want to search for on Twitter Add the accounts who are tweeting using that hashtag to your lists Thereafter you can just login to Twitter and choose the accounts you want to [...]


Using Google alerts to spy on your competitors online

Watch this video to learn about how to use Google alerts to get notified via email for: Spy on your competitor’s online activity Social listening: listen to what people are saying about your brand on social media. Respond when necessary to engage your audience Website security: monitor spam pages that appear on your site, normally [...]


How to stop referral spam in Google analytics

Referral spam is a annoying thing you might have noticed in your Google analytics account. They appear as referral websites and affect your overall web stats in Google Analytics. Watch this quickbytes video to learn how to remove referral/ghost spam in your Google analytics reporting easily! [...]