Cross-channel remarketing across Google and Facebook

Cross-channel remarketing on Google and Facebook Let’s first start with examining various advertising platform, as they have their own set of strengths and weaknesses.   Search Driven Marketing If you want prospects to find your brand while they are seeking a solution, you will utilize search marketing techniques such as SEO or SEM. This is […]

How a YouTuber makes money

How a YouTuber makes money You’ve probably heard of YouTubers – people who make a living by creating videos and posting them to YouTube. YouTube has become a sensation. What started out as a way to share videos with friends and family has turned into a platform that allows people to make a living—and in […]

How to spy on your competitors online

How to spy on your competitors online There is an old Chinese saying, “Know yourself, Know your enemy. A hundred battles, a hundred victories”.   Not only is it critical to understand what your competitors are up to, but it is also useful to get inspiration from your successful competitors. There are many research tools available. […]

Facebook Ads Campaign Objectives

Facebook Ads: Campaign Objectives When you start creating ads to run on Facebook, there is this harmless-looking setting below that has a big impact on the effectiveness of your campaign. You will subsequently choose your audience based on e.g. demographics, interests, location etc. For many of us, we will likely not have the budget to […]

4 things to consider before starting your Facebook Ads

4 things to consider before starting Facebook ads In order to succeed, it helps greatly to have a plan. Facebook advertising is no exception. Here are 4 things to think through before starting your Facebook ads. Target audience Facebook gives you the ability to choose who to show ads to based on what they have […]