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Brand Bidding on Competitors’ Brand Names, Pros and Cons

 In this video, we look at how you can attract potential customers who are searching for your competitors on Google to your website and how to protect your own brand if your competitors were to do the same.   For a step by step Google & Facebook ads course, visit here. Cheers, Eng Yeow [...]


Don’t advertise what you don’t sell – AdWords keywords match types

Now this post’s title is silly, of course you won’t advertise what you don’t sell?  Let’s consider this case. Suppose you sell tennis shoes and specify a keyword like tennis shoes.  However you don’t sell tennis high-tops or sandals. If you use tennis shoes as keywords, your ads might actually show when someone search for [...]


Why advertising on Google is effective

It is important, before spending thousands of dollars, to first understand why advertising on Google can be so beneficial for your business. Above is a screenshot of a result on Google when someone keys in “name card printing”. We see there are advertisements at the top of the page, and below them the websites that [...]


4 things to consider before starting your Facebook Ads

In order to succeed, it helps greatly to have a plan. Facebook advertising is no exception. Here are 4 things to think through before starting your Facebook ads. Target audience Facebook gives you the ability to choose who to show ads to based on what they have shown interest in, what Facebook pages they like, [...]