Automate Dropshipping with Shopify

Automate Your Dropshipping with Shopify Dropshipping is a term associated with an eCommerce business and it is an order fulfillment method where the eCommerce merchant (seller) does not stock the products he wants to sell. Instead, the merchant purchases inventory(stock) from a wholesaler or a manufacturer (third-party supplier) and they fulfill the order plus complete […]

Intro to Google Tag Manager

Introduction to Google Tag Manager Credit: What is GTM and what are the benefits? Google Tag Manager is a free marketing tool from Google that allows you to keep all tracking codes in one place, making maintenance easier. Business owners or marketers may not have coding experience or limited access to a development team. […]

Uses & Limitations of Google Analytics dashboards

google analytics dashboard

Uses & Limitations of Google Analytics dashboards Google Analytics is one of the essential tools that almost every website owner should get familiar with to better understand their visitors and how they interact with their site. For most, the free version will be more than adequate to gather and analyze the audience, acquisition, behavior, and […]

Top 10 video and photo editing tools you should be using

Top 10 video and photo editing tools you should be using As a marketer, if you are not already creating video and visual content you are greatly missing out. According to Hubspot visual content is 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types.The way people consume messages is greatly changing- consumers […]