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Claim Guide for Training Subsidy

Please read the following steps to know how to claim Absentee Payroll for Employers and SkillsFuture Credits for individuals.

For Company-Sponsored Individual who is attending WSQ course

Before course starts, Emarsity will submit the enrolment on behalf of the company via the new TPGateway. The Employer just needs to make the balance payment after SSG subsidy to Emarsity.

Before the course starts, the company staff/hr needs to do the following. If the employer encounters any issue with using SkillsConnect, please contact SSG hotline at 6785 5785.

For Absentee Payroll application (up to $4.5/hr). (Read this guide for submission)

  1. Emarsity will submit the enrolment on behalf of the employer.
  2. The employer will receive an email to submit Absentee Payroll declaration in Enterprise Jobs Portal. Employer needs to setup CorpPass access for Enterprise Portal for Jobs and Skills (EPJS User).
  3. Employers needs to set up Corporate PayNow. For Absentee Payroll application, visit
  4. The employer will receive Absentee Payroll disbursement via PayNow.

For companies wishing to claim SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC) to offset 90% of Out of Pocket expenses, please take note of the following:

  1. Emarsity WSQ courses are eligible for SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC). Companies can check their eligibility at
  2. Employers will be able to submit claims after course completion and are to attach the invoice/receipt issued by your Emarsity for claim submission. Employers will have 150 days from course completion date to submit their SFEC claims.
  3. Emarsity will endorse the SFEC Claim and will be routed to SSG officers to approve and disburse the SFEC claim to the employer.
  4. Visit SFEC microsite at

For Self-Sponsored Individuals

  1. We will apply for the WSQ training grant on your behalf. You only need to handle the balance course fee.
  2. For balance course fee payable:
    • SkillsFuture credit: You need to download the invoice that was emailed to you. Login to with your Singpass. Search for emarsity  under training provider and choose the course name. (For [Amount Payable], indicate the full course fee without subsidy. For [Skillsfuture credit to claim], indicate the amount you wish to claim to offset the balance payable).
      After submitting claim, please screenshot and send us the claim id.
    • NTUC UTAP: This can only be applied after the course. You need to create a profile in NTUC UPortal and submit the claim. Follow the UTAP claim guide sent to you. Click to download NTUC UTAP claim guide >>
      If you encounter issue with NTUC UTAP claim, please call NTUC Membership Hotline: 6213 8008