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Data Visualization with Looker Studio

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Learn how to enhance your data analysis skills and turn data into easy to understand reports.

Data Visualization with Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio)

This 2-day WSQ-approved course is designed for professionals and business owners who wish to gain or enhance their data analysis capabilities. In this course, participants will learn how to use Google Looker Studio, a powerful business intelligence and data analytics platform, to gain insights into their organization’s data. We will cover the basics of setting up a project in Looker Studio, as well as how to create and manage reports and dashboards.

Throughout the course, participants will work hands-on with the platform, learning how to build and customize visualizations, and explore data using Looker’s intuitive interface. Participants will also learn best practices for designing and sharing reports and dashboards with stakeholders.

Participants will have access to a sandbox environment where they can practice using Looker Studio on real data from Google Analytics. The course will consist of several modules, each covering a different aspect of Looker Studio, and participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback from the instructor.

It will also teach how to use raw data to create easy-to-understand reports.  The learners will practice these techniques on a free tool, Looker Studio.

Skills You Will Learn

✓ Basics of data analysis
✓ Introduction to Looker Studio
✓ Features and functions in Looker Studio
✓ Developing dashboards and interactive reports
✓ Delivering data visualisations to users
✓ Create a marketing analytics dashboard

Curriculum For This Course

  • Data Analysis Process
  • Data Types and Field Properties
  • Data Model for Analytical Reporting
  • Dimensions and Measures
  • Hierarchies, Drill Up/Down, and Aggregation
  • Answering Business Questions with Data
  • What and Why of Data Visualization
  • Looker Studio Overview
  • Access and Getting Started
  • Data Studio Interface
  • Visualization Elements
  • Uploading and Connecting to a Data File
  • Create a Simple Dashboard
  • Data Studio vs Other Tools
  • Types of Data Sources
  • Calculated Fields
  • Controls & Filters
  • Date and Comparison Options
  • Data Blending
  • Using Drill Down
  • Implement Features in the Simple Dashboard
  • Analysing data with Data Studio Explorer
  • Choosing appropriate data displays
  • Templates in Data Studio
  • Designing a Dashboard for a set of requirements
  • Develop a Dashboard using a sample dataset
  • Creating Visual Impact
  • Community Visualizations
  • Access and Credentials
  • Sharing, and Exporting Data Visualizations
  • Connectors in Data Studio
  • Data Visualization for Digital Marketing Data
  • Marketing Dashboard for a Business Scenario (Case Study)
  • Develop Marketing Analytics Dashboard using Connectors

Content Of Lesson

More About the Course

This is a highly practical and hands-on course. You will create a dashboard and use features like controls, data source, blend data, drilldown etc. on it.  Next, enhance your report for visual impact, schedule and send your reports automatically.  Lastly, try out connecting to Google Analytics and generating reports with data from it.

With these skills, you will be able to generate impactful reports for your presentations and analysis.

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to gain insights into their organization’s data using Looker Studio. This includes business analysts, data analysts, and anyone who needs to make data-driven decisions. No prior experience with Looker Studio is necessary, but some familiarity with data analytics and business intelligence tools is helpful. Individuals at different stages of their career are welcome to participate.

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded after the course.

You can be one of the following:

✓ A professional who wants to improve data analysis skills.

✓ A professional who wants to generate easy-to-understand reports.

✓ Business owner/Entrepreneur who wants to better understand their business by consolidating data from various sources into an easy to read dashboard

✓ Mid-career switch to Data Analyst profession

✓ Curious about how Looker Studio works.

Post-Course Support

At emarsity, we want to make sure our learners have a full grasp of the course attended. Therefore, post-course support is critical to ensure your learnings are clearly understood.

Our comprehensive Post-Course Support Package comprises the following:

✓ 1 x Free Refresher Course
Attend the course again within 6 months to refresh/reinforce your knowledge. Limited to 2 refreshers per course, you are advised to reserve your seat in advance.

✓ 6 Months Email Support
Email us your queries after the course, we will provide support for your campaigns.


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Course code: TGS-2023019611

Course Support Period: 17 Mar 2023 – 16 Mar 2025

Company UEN: 201600698N

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2 days

9:00 am - 6:00 pm

6 months Post Course Support

6 months Free Refresher Course

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Your Course Instructor

Siew Yee


A leader in data science and digital transformation with more than 20 years of experience in team setup and strategic business insights leading to data-driven results for Asia Pacific and global markets.

Data Science coverage: Predictive Modelling, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Blockchain, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Digital Music, Knowledge Graph, Multi-agent Systems, Internet-of-Things (IoT).

Industry experiences: Banking, eCommerce, B2B, Retail, Distribution, Media & Advertising, IT, Aerospace.

Testimonials From Learners


Course Rating


Francis Ng

5 ★

I attended the Google Analytics course & it was very enriching. The course was interesting and helped me improve my knowledge while learning about the latest technology. The trainer was patient & encouraged us to ask questions if we needed any help.

May 2022

Han Pin Lim

5 ★

The course is really good and I strongly recommend this to someone who would want to understand the power of Google Analytics for Business. Very useful content and well explained.

Feb 2018

Course Details

2 days

9:00 am - 6:00 pm

6 months Post Course Support

6 months Free Refresher Course

Certificate of Completion

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