Facebook Ads: Lookalike Audiences

In the video above, we look at one of Facebook’s most powerful features.


This is one of Facebook’s most powerful feature, the ability to find people who look like your potential or existing customers!

Your might know that most of your audience lives around your city, are computer engineers and likes to visit technology websites. Facebook’s with its massive amount of information about us, may actually discover that your ideal customers also love hot and spicy food, visits the gym often and likes to watch videos about stock trading on Facebook. Essentially they exhibit similarities which you will never have thought of or find out.

Armed with this info, Facebook is able to find another huge list of people who exhibit similar characteristics and viola a huge list of people e.g. 2 million people in the US, who might likely become your customers!

Ok this might sound too much, but it can be narrowed to the state or city which you operate in. The point is again, only Facebook is able to do this so well because of its massive amount of data about each person using it on a daily basis. Every action we do on Facebook is tracked and can be mined to understand what we are inclined in. Such is the power of Facebook ads for advertisers but which can be scary for consumers who are being targeted by these ads.

For a step by step course on Facebook ads, visit here

In this course, we will cover in more details:
– Choosing the correct campaign objectives
– Understanding core, custom, and lookalike audiences
– Placing ads on Newsfeed, Instagram, RHS, Audience Network or Messenger
– Bidding strategies, optimization by link clicks vs impressions
– Using Lead ads?

and Step by Step hands on practice on how to
– setting up your campaigns in Ads manager
– researching using Audience Insights
– installing Facebook pixel, especially for websites built using WordPress
– setting up conversion tracking
– setting up remarketing and lookalike audiences

and more… Learn more here.

Eng Yeow