Facebook Ads: Where Facebook Ads appear

In this video, we look at the various platforms that your ads can appear on namely Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Facebook Audience Network.

Lets have a look at how ads appear.

All ads will come with a “Sponsored” label to indicate it is an advertisement. Here we see ads that appear on Facebook newsfeed, where you see updates from your relatives, friends and groups you care about.

Here we see ads on Instagram, also owned by Facebook.

This show ads in Facebook messenger in your feed where you chat with friends.

Not only can ads show on Facebook properties, i.e. Facebook/messenger/Instagram, they can also show on other mobile websites and apps. This is called Facebook Audience Network.

So which are the most effective platforms?

Based on campaigns that I have ran, I will recommend only Facebook news feed to start with. This can run on both mobile and desktop including tablets.

If you are doing a campaign for generating awareness, the desktop right hand side ads will be useful because they can generate a lot of cheap impressions. Based on experience though, It is not as effective as Facebook newsfeed for lead generation.

Instagram is a very different social network in demographics and behaviour. The cost per click is generally higher than Facebook. My suggestion will be to only choose this if you have nice and original product images.

You can normally get higher click through rate and lower cost per click on Facebook Audience network then on Facebook newsfeed. However, again I generally see results are not as good as Facebook newsfeed.

Messenger ads bring visitors direct to chat with you on Messenger. So do this only if you have support staff to manage this.

So if you are looking to generate more enquiries for your business efficiently, start with Facebook newsfeed only and don’t use the rest!

For a step by step course on Facebook ads, visit here.

Eng Yeow