Retargeting / Remarketing using Facebook Ads

In this video, we look at one of if not the most effective but simple online advertising technique, retargeting.

This is one of two features that I would recommend to almost all businesses. Retargeting.

How does it work? First an interested person clicks over to your website. Once the visitor leaves your website, Facebook will show ads to these visitors to try to attract them back.

About 98% of web traffic does not convert i.e. send enquiry, purchase etc on the first visit. Around 50% of visitors go back to a website 2 to 4 times before they purchase. So you really need to persist in bringing visitors back to your website.

This powerful technique can be done in 3 steps.

First, get the pixel and set it up on your website.

Second, specify a list of visitors to your website by going to Audience manager, “Create a custom audience” then selecting “Website traffic”.

Lastly set to show your ads to this list of people who visited your website.

And there, you will be able to show ads to people who have expressed interest in your product or services as they visited your website. This is really a must-know for all businesses who have a website presence!

For a step by step course on Facebook ads, visit here

In this course, we will cover in more details:
– Choosing the correct campaign objectives
– Understanding core, custom, and lookalike audiences
– Placing ads on Newsfeed, Instagram, RHS, Audience Network or Messenger
– Bidding strategies, optimization by link clicks vs impressions
– Using Lead ads?

and Step by Step hands on practice on how to
– setting up your campaigns in Ads manager
– researching using Audience Insights
– installing Facebook pixel, especially for websites built using WordPress
– setting up conversion tracking
– setting up remarketing and lookalike audiences

and more… Learn more here.

Eng Yeow