Marketing Funnel TOFU, MOFU, BOFU

A marketing funnel is a step-by-step procedure for attracting relevant site visitors and converting them into leads and customers.

The cornerstone of most marketing funnels is a well-designed website. It leverages one or more platforms to perform the required tasks of the three stages. The three stages are identifying the problem (TOFU), offering a solution (MOFU), and eventually associating the brand with the best solution (BOFU).

Most prospects do not buy on first contact.  Hence, it is important to progressively lead your prospects to action.  The first step of the funnel is to raise awareness of the problem that they are facing. Agitate them by addressing the pain point and making them feel that this needs to be addressed.  Usually, these are shown in ads or top-level articles. This helps to qualify the audience.

They would need an answer after identifying the problem they face. They can find their high-level queries answered on the landing page. It is important to entice them to become email subscribers by providing a form of lead magnets like a free demonstration or online report. Even if they leave the site, you can always retarget them with another message.

By becoming an email subscriber, the prospect agrees to receive more informational or promotional content from you. You can personalize the message depending on the web pages they view by using their email address. Furthermore, their email address may be used to retarget them through sponsored social media and search sites.


Top of the Funnel (TOFU)

Its major purpose is to drive relevant traffic to your website and fill the marketing funnel with qualified leads. This is an important step to qualify the audience before entering the next step of the funnel.

The audience needs to believe that the problem is true and that they need to resolve it. Hence, selling is not possible at this stage. This is why your primary focus should be on developing instructional material that answers your audience’s core concerns and helps them grasp the problem your solution addresses.

The majority of the ad money is spent at this stage to attract the proper audience in a huge volume.


Middle of the Funnel (MOFU)

After your TOFU content raises awareness of the issue and establishes your brand authority, your MOFU content will focus on delivering product-specific knowledge and assist you in gauging the user experience or knowledge of the product.

The end goal of MOFU is to convert your traffic into email subscribers by providing a lead magnet or a free product trial. Users that sign up for your email list give you permission to contact them with more product updates and informative emails.  This step allows you to better classify the audience into the appropriate bucket and nurture them accordingly. Furthermore, having a segmented and qualified email list is quite beneficial in marketing.

MOFU material does not always need to be overtly promotional. In fact, emphasizing your product’s benefits is the most effective way to promote it. Sharing client success stories is another effective method. This helps them to better visualize.


Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU)

The goal of the bottom of the funnel is to turn your email subscribers into customers. You’ve already educated your prospects on the issue and provided them with a taste of your product. It’s time to make the final push.  Based on the segmented email lists, you will understand your audience better. You can draft well-designed email sequences to drive traffic to your landing pages by building anticipation in your audience, emphasizing the value they will receive by purchasing your product and persuading them to upgrade to a premium plan.

Your landing page, on the other hand, will leverage testimonials, case studies and discount offers to convert subscribers from your email lists into buyers.



In all, this is the framework/ guidelines to better funnel the audience to conversion. You may add/ remove steps from the funnel depending on the challenge you face or the industry you serve.


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Author: Manfred Shi

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