How do you manage a social media crisis?

Every few days, we seem to hear of brands having a crisis on social media e.g. Facebook.  Angry customers, poor customer service, bad business practices, even fake news. 

It’s not if, but when a business might encounter a public relations (PR) crisis on social media.

How should we manage it?

Prevention is better than cure.  Have policies in place to describe what should and should not be posted.  Listen for sentiments and mentions of your brands so that you can engage early to prevent issues from escalating.

If a crisis does occur, stay calm and follow these steps:

  • Research – investigate thoroughly with an unbiased mind
  • Plan – craft the press release, social media post, etc. with transparency, sensitivity, and a willingness to resolve the issue
  • Implement – update all internal stakeholders prior to releasing the response and ensure all plans are coordinated.  Stop all scheduled posts too.
  • Evaluate – monitor closely and take corrective action if needed

Respond showing you truly care about the issue!

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Eng Yeow is the principal trainer at emarsity, he possesses over 6 years of experience in the major online advertising platforms.

About the author

Eng Yeow possess a vast and diverse digital experience with 10 years of programming background at Singapore Technologies and Agilent Technologies. His keen interest in running a digital business saw him moving on to digital marketing where he started up a comparison shopping site and advancing to data analytics tracking campaign performances and strategizing for online business performance.

Since then he has been a dedicated SEM consultant with over 6 years of experience –helping MNC and SME brands successfully drive leads to their websites and online campaigns. National Instruments, Fuji Xerox, Autodesk and e2i are some of the clients who have also engaged his expertise to conduct SEM corporate classes for their marketing teams.

An NTU graduate, Eng Yeow is a certified SEM professional with Google and Bing ads. He also possesses vast experiences in major online advertising platforms which include Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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