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A Practical Digital Marketing Course Where You Actually Learn

Practical Integrated Digital Marketing

A complete digital marketing course that guides you from content creation to online marketing key digital platforms such as Google and Facebook. An intensive hands-on course to ensure you master the fundamentals of the most popular platforms in digital marketing.

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Practical Integrated Digital Marketing

This digital marketing training course is designed for marketing professionals and business owners who wish to gain practical skills in online marketing. The curriculum is designed to be thorough and covers the key fundamentals of digital marketing and current trends. In this 3-day intensive hands-on course, you will learn how to choose the suitable digital platform for your campaigns. This is followed by practical sessions that will drill you in practical aspects of campaign planning and configuration on platforms such as Google or Facebook.

Skills You Will Learn

✓ How to assess and choose the suitable marketing platform for your campaigns.
✓ Campaign planning and budgeting
✓ Configuring campaigns on digital platforms and audience targeting.
✓ Campaign Tracking and Optimization
✓ Reading Campaign Reports and Identify key metrics for improvement

Curriculum For This Course

Day 1 | Choosing the Right Digital Channel

• Introduction to digital marketing and key trends
• Assessing benefits and disadvantages of key digital marketing channels.
• Identify suitable marketing platform which fits organization objective
• How to find your target audience

Day 2 | Campaign Planning and Implementation

• What are the key attributes of a campaign plan
• Creating a campaign plan based on marketing objectives
• Configure campaign using native features of marketing channel
• Create Ad copies on marketing platforms such Google and Facebook

Day 3 | Campaign Implementation and Analysis

• Configure campaign schedule on digital platform
• Navigate campaign dashboard and collect key metrics
• Ongoing optimization of campaign
• Assess campaign performance and adjust for optimal performance.

Content Of Lesson

More About the Course

This digital marketing course is designed to help learners to gain a broad overview of the digital marketing and its trends. In this 3-day intensive course, you can expect to learn the characteristics of the key platforms for digital marketing i.e. Google and Facebook. We will instill confidence in you to plan and configure digital campaigns on these platforms. This course focus on practical aspects of operating the campaign dashboard so do expect lots of hands-on sessions.
In order for you to transfer the skills to your workplace, emarsity will also be providing 6 months of post-course support.

Who Should Attend?

This course is for learners who want to develop a broad overview of digital marketing and also be confident to launch campaigns on key digital platforms. Be prepared for an intensive 3-days as most of the time will be spent on practical sessions. This is the best way to learn.

✓ Traditional marketers who want to gain skills in web marketing.
✓ Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to be hands-on in their digital marketing campaigns.
✓ Career switchers who want to upskill and stay relevant in this digital age.

Post-Course Support

At emarsity, we want to make sure our learners have a full grasp of the course attended. Therefore, post-course support is critical to ensure the learnings are clearly understood.

Our comprehensive Post-Course Support Package comprises the following :

✓ 6 Months Email Support
Email us your queries after the course, we will provide support for your campaigns.

Course Funding Available

Course funding pending approval. Stay tuned.

Your Course Instructor

Kelvin Koh

Principal Trainer

Kelvin Koh brings with him close to 10 years of digital marketing experience. He worked as a senior digital strategist for a top SEO agency in Singapore, and is also a very experienced internet marketer and search specialist. Since then Kelvin has been providing over 6 years of search consultancy services to MNCs and SMEs.

Some of his most notable SEO work includes Huawei, Fuji Xerox, Singapore International Foundation, Raffles Design Institute. Kelvin went on to attain his Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) with WDA. He is also a certified PA trainer.

  • 3
  • 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • 6 months Post Course Support
  • months Free Refresher Course
  • Certificate of Completion

A 3-days intensive hands-on course covering content creation to configuring digital campaigns on key platforms such as Google or Facebook.

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Course Details

  • 3
  • 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • 6 months Post Course Support
  • months Free Refresher Course
  • Certificate of Completion

A 3-days intensive hands-on course covering content creation to configuring digital campaigns on key platforms such as Google or Facebook.

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