How to Use Facebook Live to Engage Your Audience

Facebook continues to be one of the leading social network platforms, connecting friends and family. It also connects businesses, small and large, with customers across the world. As a business owner, you can now use Facebook Live to stream on the go from the app, or with a laptop. With just a web camera, a piece of encoding software, and Facebook’s Live Producer, you can talk to your customers in real time. And best of all, you’ll have access to Facebook’s dashboard of tools and insight analysis via Creator Studio. Let’s learn how to boost your sales!


Strategies before going live on Facebook

1. Create teaser posts and images on your other social media handles like Instagram so that a sense of anticipation and awareness is created simultaneously.

2. Do not miss out on opportunities to guide your viewer to your website. Leave links in the “‘about” section and use live chat commands to direct your eager customers!

3. Think of the livestream as a two-way communication: you get to learn more about your audience, as they get to do the same with your company and brand. Live streaming is a valuable opportunity to put a face to a brand and have a human connection.

4. Consider hosting an emerging influencer who is passionate about your product, message, and direction. By recognizing them on your live stream, you have a greater chance of increasing your user base. And they will remain loyal to your brand.

5. Think about your body language, tone of voice, storytelling, and other brand style guidelines. Remember, while it is a chance to connect, you are representing the brand and its ideals—you have to remain on point.


Facebook Live tools

Use these Facebook Live tools to improve engagement, memorability, and conversions:

1. Front Row: Give your biggest fans the recognition they deserve by highlighting them in a special section of your stream.

2. Badges: Facebook rewards fans who interact with you by awarding badges.  

3. Live Polls: Polls are a great way to keep your audience engaged throughout your livestream. Ask simple icebreaker questions to keep the mood light, and then, at your discretion, ask pertinent questions about your products and brand.

4. Live In Stories: Your streams can go directly to Facebook stories.

5. Comment moderation: Keep the conversation on track, on topic, respectful, and free of spam by moderating comments yourself. You can also assign this task to a specific viewer you trust.

Analyze and improve your Facebook Live streams by gaining valuable insights via Creator Studio. These include 3-second and 1-minute video views, total minutes played, a detailed split of all Facebook reactions used, and net followers. Export an insights file to review and refine further live videos.


Good to know: 

Here’s a primer on the types of content to post on social media

Facebook discontinued its Live Shopping offering on October 1, 2022. Facebook Live streaming is the default option now but without options to create product playlists or tag products in your Facebook Live videos. 



Facebook’s reach to people is unrivaled. What started out as a social media offering is now capable of live streaming abilities that require just the Facebook mobile app to get started. Although Live Shopping has been discontinued since October 2022, Live streaming is available. You can interact with your customers in real-time to discuss your products, post polls, take questions, and moderate comments. Export video insights to a PDF file and fine-tune your next livestream! Boosting your sales through Facebook livestreaming is easy and effective!

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Author: Fazal Ahamed

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