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Of all the paid courses that I have attended, this is the most worthwhile one. In just 3 days, we were taught how to create a multi-listing website, SEO and google ad. Although the course was quite intensive, Kelvin really taught us everything we need to differentiate ourselves from other property agents. Kelvin is also a very patient and willing to share kind of trainer. Whenever someone suggested something, he’s very willing to explore and try in front of the whole class. This is very rare as most other trainers will take it offline, limiting the things we learn to just the course contents. Will defintely recommend courses from Emarsity to my friends!


I recently attended the google and fb digital marketing course by Emarsity. The trainers and syllabus were well designed for our profession. There were adequate hands on practice for us after theories. The class size was not too big which is also a plus point to encourage participation’s. Overall Kelvin and his helpers have put up a well thought out course for us. Thank you


Attended the Digital Marketing for agent conducted by Kelvin. He is very knowledgeable and patient in making sure we understand the course. Will recommend based on:

1. Pre-course set up support by Kelvin ensure that we can learn to set up our own website in 1 day. Yes, you can learn to have your own website within 24h vs having to pay thousand of dollars to others to do for you.
2. Good paced learning and structured modules to help us understand, WordPress, SEO and Google Analytics
3. 5 star Post course support- Kelvin will help to answer any questions even after the course had ended
Highly recommend to agent who wants to understand what Digital marketing is all about, and want to set up own website.


Jayden Yank

5 ★

Excellent course and definitely kick-started my knowledge and understanding of Google ad-words from nothing to a novice. Which is exactly what I was aiming for. Eng is an excellent instructor.


Cherryl HoonLee

5 ★

It’s a great course if you are just starting with videos Marketing. If you are looking for information on how to Video marketing this is the best course for you. Thanks for creating this amazing course


This course is an informative, detailed, and useful breakdown of the many components of the multi-faceted and booming social media platform that is WeChat. Thank you Daniel. High recommended.


I signed the 2 day SEO course to find out how SEO can help to improve my business visibility on Google. The course was very well conducted with plenty of insights shared by the trainer. The course covered the basics and techniques for SEO. It is a great and very useful course for beginners who wants to learn and know more about SEO. The trainer Kelvin was very helpful and responsive to all my queries (from the initial stage when I enquired about the couse till the day after the course completed). He is very attentive and generous with his knowledge and skills. I’ll definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn about SEO.


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Had attended two courses: Google adword and SEO from Emarsity. Eng Yew and Kelvin are great trainers as they do not just conduct the class out of the course material. They go the extra miles by giving us extra tips and recommendations to improve our website. And Japhanie, she provides excellent support for my course application and claims.


Rei Ho

5 ★

The 2 day course allows me to understand the basics and techniques to use for improving SEO for my site. Kelvin the instructor also shared with us his insights and experience on the topic. The course is great for beginners who wants to learn and know more about SEO, as well as for amateurs to learn and develop better in the correct way in SEO.


Rei Ho

5 ★

I enrolled in the SEO course knowing that I wanted to improve my business’s visibility on Google. This was something very important to me and I feel like the articles available online did not meet my understanding. Through the course which was conducted over 2 days – I understand how much SEO meant to any business that wanted an online presence and it’s a lot more than just identifying your key words. Content is key and so is continuity. The instructor is professional and willing to assist in any way he can with regards to imparting the knowledge that he as. His firsthand experience in the industry is a real bonus. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to introduce SEO for their business as you will learn what to look out for.


Vanice Kaypan

5 ★

The course is really good and I strongly recommend this to someone who would want to understand the power of Google Analytics for Business. Very useful content and well explained.


Leslie Chew

5 ★

Have learned a lot about SEO from Kelvin , Thanks Kelvin for sharing others information and knowledge that others then SEO .Will enroll their course again .


Janson Lai Junming

5 ★

Attended the 2 days Google Adwords and FB ad course in December. Mr Eng Yeow was thorough and clear throughout the lecture- providing us digestible information and insights regarding the functions of these digital marketing tools.
Would highly recommend the course for beginners; those wanting to understand more on the fundamentals of digital marketing, as well as for executives who wish to self-upgrade. The course has a good mix of lecture and tutorial, providing participants with hands-on experience while enabling us to learn about the uses of each functions. Will definitely look forward to attending future courses by him to enhance my understanding of digital marketing.


Aletheia Tan

4 ★

Attended the 2 days Google Ad Words and FB ads course. They guide you in step-by-step creation of google search ads, google display network ads and facebook ads. So the course is very basic but has a good mix of theory and hands on.
Would highly recommend to beginners who have never touched any of the platforms before, Eng Yeow is SUPER PATIENT.
BUT!!!!! not time efficient for intermediate users who are already familiar with the platforms but need deeper knowledge and developer skills to get better results (ROI). (because not everyone who goes for the course has a developer to install the codes needed for re-targetting. and this course does not teach you that.)


Jolyn Fo

4 ★

I’ve attended the Google Adwords course by Emarsity, the trainer Eng Yeow is very knowledgeable. i have learned a lot of new things from the course to growth my business. I would highly recommend this course to the business owner who wanted to grow their revenue through digital marketing.


Wong Wai Hong

5 ★

Well-prepared and organised! Kelvin able to explain concept clearly. The best SEO training in Singapore, I would recommend this would be the best for you.


Dave Singh

5 ★

Attended the 2-days SEO course on 15-16 Jan 2018. It provided an insight into the workings of SEO and ways to boost-up the rankings in search engine. Kelvin was generous in sharing of information and tips during the course delivery. He was able to respond to the various queries posed Look forward to future courses.


Terran Tang

5 ★

Attended the 2 days SEO course which really gave me a better understanding on how the search engine works. It gave me a better idea on how to go about redesigning my current website and optimizing it for google ranking. Kelvin is very knowledgeable in his field and not afraid to share various tips and his experiences with us. After the course, he even took the effort and time to answer the various queries I encountered while I redesign my website and pointed me in the right direction many times. Definitely look forward to attend future courses by him should resources and time permits.


Victor Gan

5 ★

Hi! I’ve attended the Google Adwords course by Emarsity, and learned a lot of new things from the course, the trainer, Eng Yeow, is very knowledgeable on the subjects, he is patient and friendly in conducting the course. I also appreciate all staffs making the registration/arrangements for the class, smoothly. Thanks !


Eddie Chiang

5 ★

Just completed course with Emarsity on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Eng Yeow was very clear in the delivery and patient with us. Had a much better understanding after attending the course. Will practice what was taught to improve our business. Well done, and keep up the good work!


Manfred Shi

5 ★

Excellent Class! The SEO course has clarify some of my doubts and pointed me to the right direction. I will using the hand book more often to craft my web page. The class is lively and the format of the class is well structured. I will be looking forward to attend other classes.


Han Pin Lim

5 ★

Thank you Kelvin for the SEO classes in the last 2 days. Great in depth and comprehensive coverage of the techniques used in SEO. Your class is easy and simple to understand and I really appreciate you sharing your personal experiences as a digital marketer. Will definitely recommend friends who may be keen to learn about SEO.


Edwin Edangelus Cheng

5 ★

Anyone who has tried to use Google Adwords on their own for the very first time will know how confusing and mind-boggling the interface is. Not user – friendly at all 🙁
Thankfully the Google Adwords Course conducted by Emarsity makes it easy for any participant to pick up the necessary skills so that they can start running their own campaigns with Adwords immediately! 🙂
The trainer Eng Yeow is extremely knowledgeable, and patient in addressing all our questions. I’ve picked up invaluable nuggets of information from him over the two-day course which I can apply to reach out more effectively to even more customers. I would highly recommend this course to any Digital Marketers who are looking to upgrade their skills, as well as any self-employed professionals who are looking to acquire more customer enquiries!


Elizabeth Yong

5 ★

The trainer is skilled and has great experience in the application of Google AdWords to achieve the digital goals for clients. The training was delivered in a fun and laid-back manner with a good balance between theory and practical hands-on experience. I came away with a deeper understanding of Google AdWords and its application from attending this course.


Serene Lee

5 ★

I was tired.of my colleagues able to closed many deals using FB and google so I decided to launch out to try out with Emarsity.
Why I choose Emarsity? Firstly, this a SkillsFuture claimable course. Secondly, I find the course program was well covered to help amateur like me. There are many courses out there offering managing contents on FB but fall short of conversion tracking. Emarsity primarily focus is to train you on leads conversion and even how to evaluate yr ROI on the campaign placements.
After attending the course, I was pleasantly surprised that the trainer Eng Yeow took time to check if i have started my ad campaign and if i need any help.
Think no more, just sign up and be on yr way to generate more customers on line.


Keith Chua

5 ★

I attended “Specialization in SEO” conducted on 16&17Feb by Kelvin. Believe it or not, I was supposed to attend in Dec 2016 but due to my tight work schedules, I have to postpone again and again. I was grateful to Kelvin as he was accommodating towards my situation and allows the reschedule even without questioning.
Trainer Kelvin conducted the lessons in a professional way and examples were shared as and when it arises. I was enlightened by Kelvin as he provided a great perspective of Insight SEO.
I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who intends to understand more in depth about SEO.


Susan Tan

4 ★

The 2-day SEO Course I attended was well structured and insightful. What I found really useful was that Kelvin the trainer gave very useful hands-on tips and we were told to bring our laptop for some practical work. That kind of makes you remember what you learn better. It was not one of those theory-filled courses where you walk away feeling you did not learn much. The class was also a good size for interaction. There were good questions posed and all were answered by the trainer before the end of the course. Definitely a recommended course for those who wants to be empowered by the knowledge of SEO.


Eddie Chiang

5 ★

The course is very helpful. You can fully understand the details of Google Adwords and how to optimize your ads.


Eddie Chiang

5 ★

Thanks to Eng Yeow, i have learnt the importance of tracking through this course.
It really allows you to fine tune and maximize your budget entirely. The key of this course,
i would say will be the good and best practices, so i am looking forward to their analytics course. Keep up the good work!


Ashley Choo

5 ★

Emarsity’s Google/ Facebook ads course has tight, concise syllabus that was well thought out and well paced. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the trainer Eng Yeow also came equipped with real life agency experience that made the entire course relevant. Social media nerds will like the course as it veers on the technical but not too much so that the rest of us laymen can still understand what’s going on.