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Why advertising on Google is effective


It is important, before spending thousands of dollars, to first understand why advertising on Google can be so beneficial for your business.

Above is a screenshot of a result on Google when someone keys in “name card printing”.

We see there are advertisements at the top of the page, and below them the websites that Google thinks are the best results.

This is an excellent time to show your advertisements, when people are actually searching for your services.  This greatly increases the chances that if the visitors clicks over to your website, that he/she will be a qualified lead.

With Google Ads, you get the ability to

  • control specifically who to show your ads to by telling Google what words people should be searching with
  • show different ads to different people

When someone search for car paint protection:

When someone search for a specific brand of car coating i.e. KubeBond:

We see from above that the ads are actually customized to what the users were searching for!  By showing relevant advertisements, you will have a higher chance that the person will click over to your website.

On other channels like print, banner ads that appear on other websites, mailers etc., your audience are interrupted because they were initially doing other things.  Also it is not possible to cater your ads to the same level of accuracy as above.

This is why we normally recommend customers who want to get more quality leads from online to start with Google search, as it is normally the most cost efficient.

Exceptions to this case will be when the competition is so high that it is much more costly than other channels.  In that case, we are hoping that we will be able to get customers by reaching more people.  This is somehow like traditional advertising.

Rare cases though, I find that advertising on Google normally gives the best results.  Furthermore the enquiries are of higher quality too, simply because the people were searching for your business.

So start beating your competitors online, advertise on Google soon!

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